China Brand Power – Using Your Head and Heart to Lead Brand Success in China

China Brand Power is the only resource that serves as your personal “China Brand Leadership Coach,” “Chinese Language Laoshi,” and “Chinese Culture Concierge”–providing essential knowledge on how to Lead Brand Success in China and equipping “Life-long Learners” with tips and tools to connect through powerful language, culture and consumer insights.

  • Expert Brand Advice – from dozens of China’s leading brand building experts representing more than 500 years of boots-on-the-ground experience, curated by world-class international marketing experts.
  • Your Private Laoshi – With the addition off ROCKET CHINESE, this resource doubles as a “Laoshi” for basic business Chinese to help connect with colleagues, employees, partners and friends through perfect pronunciation of essential and powerful Chinese business words and phrases.
  • Relevant insights – for Junior and Senior Leaders. Insight on how to become a better brand leader, agency leader, or up-and-coming professional.
  • Golden Rules – to help you deliver Powerful outcomes gain knowledge about how to find the right insights and build the right team and organization to create Powerful strategy and thus powerful brands.
  • A Roadmap for Brand Success in China – The China Brand Power Process will help you Lead in China in order to Maximize Reach, Resonance and Brand Love with Chinese consumers creating powerful assets and brand experiences that resonate with the Chinese consumers in the digital and traditional space.

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